The building where our hotel is located is the ancient Palazzo di Scoto di Semifonte. It takes its name from the last governor of a nearby city, Semifonte, which was, after a quick ascent, completely destroyed by the Florentines in 1202. Scoto, whose name leads us back to his northern European origins, was the last mayor of the town of Semifonte. After the surrender of his town, Scoto built his new residence in the feud of his friends, the Alberti family of Certaldo. The Alberti are known to be the official founders of Certaldo (1164), following the Etruscans who had settled down in the area long before that. The Marcori family has been the owner of the building for a century and a half and has transformed it into a hotel and restaurant at the beginning of the 1960s, trying to preserve the local character and ambience of a place with a millenary history.
A stay in Certaldo combines relax with the beauty of the architecture and culture. It is the ideal place for those who would like to explore the hills, villages and towns of the region during the day. Certaldo Alto will make you feel at home after a very short time.
immagini dell'Albergo il Castello
Certaldo is a real jewel:  

Certaldo, known to be poet Giovanni Boccaccio's hometown, is a real jewel from the architectural point of view: The millenary fortified hamlet is built entirely out of red bricks and.

There are three museums and various of bars,restaurants and cafés - a great combination for an enjoyable stay.

Certaldo is an important stop on the Via Francigena, the way of the Franks, used by pilgrims between Canterbury and Rome. Certaldo is therefore perfect for those who are looking for place in spiritual sintony with this ancient path.

immagini di Certaldo
What to visit in Certaldo Alto: 

Palazzo Pretorio represents the main architectural attraction of Certaldo Alto is the former governor’s palace, with the prisons and the panoramic tower. On the facade and in the courtyard one can admire the various painted and ceramic coat of arms of all the families from which the governor was chosen.

The Church of Saints Tommaso and Prosperohosts one of the most important works of art of the whole area: the Tabernacle of the Executed by painter Benozzo Gozzoli (1465).
Boccaccio's House is now a museum with a rich collection composed by the different editions of Boccaccio's works,, and studies of the author's work. The tower offers a stunning 360° view of the entire valley.

Church of Saints Jacopo and Filippo and the Convent of the Augustinians: The 800-year-old church hosts Boccaccio's tomb and the coffin of Julia della Rena, recently beatified (Beata Giulia), who has generated an important religious cult which culminates in a procession that takes place on the first Sunday in September. The former convent is now the museum of religious art.


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